DIY- 2 Ingredient Lip Balm

2 Ingredient Lip Balm

You will need:

Vaseline (small jar is fine)

A handful of chocolate chips- I use Nestle Miniature Milk Chocolate Chips

Glass measuring cup

A shallow saucepan (or an extra small fry pan with 1 inch + sides will work fine too)

Something to place your lip balm in (tin, mason jar, mint tin, etc.)

*This is flexible too, if you do not have an older measuring cup you want to use, a clean reusable small glass jar of any sort will work.  When doing several different kinds at once or large batches or gifts, I have reused the glass Tostito’s jars too.

So here we go:

Find your glass measuring cup

 or glass jar…

When you have your glass container then place enough water in the pan covering as much of your glass cup as possible about 1/4 to 1/2 is best for this batch.  This will create a double boiler system to melt your Petroleum Jelly in. When you are set place your dry (make sure there is no water) measuring cup in the pan of water.

Then to add 1/2 cup of Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly to the measuring cup…

On medium heat, allow the water to start to boil.  When the water starts to boil (your Petroleum Jelly has already begun to melt) be sure to stir it.  You can use a chopstick, skewer, any wooden utensil that you do not mind if it gets “greasy” and you can set aside for future crafting only.   (I use plain old wooden chopsticks).

Then add 2 Tbls of mini chocolate chips.

 These can be heaping, who doesn’t love chocolate?  We use Toll House, num!!!

As all your ingredients melt, continue to stir.  When everything looks smooth and evenly blended , remove from heat. The pour into your old lip tin, a jar, etc.  I pour them into these:

Whaaallaaa!  Cute little tins to accent a gift, or make a pack of various flavors as a cute gift, maybe as a party favor, etc.  Experiment and have fun!

Variations:  Use different flavored chips, combo of chip flavors (PB & Choc.) and you can always add essential oils ( just check their grade value)  We just made a large batch of Mint Chocolate Chip Lip Balm.  Just stir in a few drops of peppermint essential oil before pouring into the containers.


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